Why create animated explainer videos

Did you know that people have even shorter attention spans than a Goldfish?

That sounds crazy, I know, but as crazy as that sounds, it’s 100% true . And that sad reality is that it can make things extremely difficult for those of us trying to build an online presence and that is why you need to create animated explainer videos.

With hundreds of thousands of online businesses competing to be noticed, it can be next-to-impossible to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace. We’re forced to spend more money trying to reach more people, driving ad cost even higher because of that.

Sadly, it’s even causing us to experience worse results than before.

How do you break through the clutter?

How do you reach an audience that’s bombarded with as many as 5,000 marketing messages every single day?

Let me give you a solution, you do it by creating easily digestible content that’s super-enjoyable to watch. In other words, you do it using animated explainer videos, which have been proven time and time again to produce dramatically better results than other online sales mediums.

Why Animated Explainer Videos are the answer to Creating high-converting Super-sharable content


Because animated explainer videos are so entertaining, consumers are drawn in to the story, making your marketing message much more effective.


More and more people want content to inform, entertain and educate. Studies have shown that 68% of people say this is the type of content they find most valuable. Animated explainer videos are designed to do just that, giving a massive-boost to your marketing.


You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth 1,000 words. That’s nothing compared to video. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Just imagine how quickly you can get your message across to easily distracted prospects with a brief animated explainer video without saying it in 1.8 million words.


With an animated explainer video, you can communicate abstract or confusing subjects very easily and as prospects’ understanding increases, so can your conversion rates.


All too often, consumers tune out when they hear yet another marketing message. Because animated explainer videos are actually enjoyable to watch, they’re a great way to subtly promote your brand without alienating and annoying prospects.


Another online study states that a whopping 97% of consumers say they’d be willing to share a great branded video. Because explainer-style videos are so fun-to-watch, they’re also super-shareable—meaning more followers and new customers for your brand.


People love a great story. And there’s no better medium to do that than with animated cartoon explainer videos. Just think about how engaged your kids are during Saturday morning cartoons. Well the same holds true for us adults. These videos just work.


Animated Explainer Videos Are Super Engaging. It’s way more interesting to see characters fly, props appear out of nowhere, and backgrounds change than it is to read a bunch of lifeless marketing text. Simply put, animated explainer videos ARE fun to watch. For marketers, that means there’s a much greater chance that prospects will watch your videos until the very end, watching your FULL marketing message.


Everyone knows that getting on the first page of Google isn’t easy. However, did you know that a site featuring video is many times more likely to make the first page?! With an animated explainer video, you’re giving yourself a greater chance to make that a reality. You can create videos and put them on YouTube without even showing your face.


There’s not much that’s more frustrating (and time-sucking) than a giant list of support tickets waiting for you every morning. Fortunately, animated explainer videos are a great way to answer common customer questions, minimizing your support needs. In fact, almost half of businesses say that by using videos, they’ve been able to reduce support calls.


Did you know that only 10% of people remember the text they read? By contrast, video viewers can retain up to 95% of a video’s message. For that reason, an animated explainer video is a great way to stay memorable with people, which is super-important since most people require multiple exposures to a brand before they’ll make a purchase.


That is why the biggest brand names in the world rely on animated explainer videos regardless of what they’re selling and who they’re trying to reach.

Note: The major companies use explainer videos in their marketing by paying professionals $1000s and $1000s of dollars.

And do you know what all these companies have in common?

Each of them has the money, resources, and expertise to use the best, most effective marketing tactics in the world … and they’ve ALL chosen to use animated explainer-style videos created by the pros.

So, the bottom line is that animated explainer videos are proven to be incredibly effective.

Why? Because they work unbelievably well.

After all, it’s safe to say that YouTube, the largest video hosting site in the world, knows a little something about how to get views, likes, and shares.

Google too tracks hundreds of different metrics on what works and what doesn’t.

The company’s used those metrics to determine that animated explainer videos are a super-powerful way for Google to expand its reach, increase engagement, and improve conversions.

So, the message is clear…

Explainer videos are incredibly effective and those who can afford to create explainer videos, do so.

While of course that’s great news for big brands with unlimited budgets, it makes things really difficult if you’re a smaller fish in the pond.

Video Designers Don’t come cheap

In fact, you can expect to pay a whopping $5,000 – $35,000 for one animated explainer video … per minute. Luckily NOT here at MajestiX Studio.

That’s crazy … and beyond the reach of most companies.

That is why creating your own videos is a better answer, a better solution and a solution that puts the power into the hands of regular people like you and I, and allows us to create even better, even more professional cartoon explainer videos than the professionals.

Without the high costs, connections, and technical skills that used to be required to benefit from the improved results when you create animated explainer videos can bring.

Your solution to create animated explainer videos

Your best solution is to buy video creation software. I recommend the ones below, because I have them and they are just amazing.

Whether you use Toonly, Doodly, Create Studio or Explaindio, you can create fun videos to keep your audience entertained.

The advantages of using these softwares are:

  • It won’t cost you an arm and a leg like hiring someone like freelancers on Freelancer or Fiverr would
  • You can create as many videos as you need or can without hiring someone for each video
  • You don’t have to take months to learn Adobe software like Animate, Character and After Effects.
  • Each of them come with their own support and groups to learn and grow.
  • If you want to, you can start selling videos (if you buy the agency licenses of course)

Free, if you use Adobe After Effects

If you are someone who already knows how to use Adobe After Effects and works with it on a regular basis, you will agree creating things from scratch sometimes can cost a lot… A lot of time and a lot of effort.

That is why I’ve got great news for you. You can get free plugins at AEJuice. To take a look and get your free plugins, click here. Use these free plugins when you create animated explainer videos too.

Who can create animated explainer videos?

Small business owners and service providers

Animated explainer videos work great for anyone who sells physical products or who provides a service like dentistry, chiropractic, coaching, real estate, fitness, and more.

Because people really enjoy watching these types of videos, they’re a great way to introduce new customers to your business.

Actually 40% of shoppers will visit a store in-person or online as a direct result of watching a video. Meaning that as inexpensive as Toonly is, you won’t find cheaper customer acquisition costs anywhere else.

Animated explainer videos are also awesome for getting people to like and share your social media posts. Add them to all your social media channels to find new fans and followers, while remaining unforgettable with your current customers.

E-Commerce store owners and digital marketers

In today’s online marketplace the competition for customers are becoming more and more fierce by the day. That’s why if you want to be successful, you need to make your business stand out. Animated explainer videos are perfect for that.

They are awesome for selling physical products, but also super-effective for agencies that offer Facebook advertising, search engine marketing, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing.

You can improve conversion rates, generate buzz for your brand and find new customers by adding your Toonly videos to –

  • sales letters,
  • video sales letters,
  • Facebook Advertising,
  • Social media channels,
  • oppt-in pages,
  • blog posts,
  • emails.

Information Technology

Reading IT stuff is boring to the average person and that’s why animated explainer videos are the ideal solution for IT companies.

Use your animated explainer videos to stand out from your competition. Explain how your solution works. Create tutorials that actually get watched. You can reach B2B buyers in a unique way, and reduce support calls by as much as 30%, increasing your overall profitability.

There are tons and tons of ways that your IT company can harness the power of animated explainer videos, which is why purchasing your own video making software offers such a great ROI.

Human Resources

Human resources teams can benefit greatly from animated explainer videos. There’s no end to the ways.

To start off, use Toonly to create animated videos to

  • recruit top talent
  • educate staff on new policies,
  • provide training on important workplace topics,
  • and liven up company presentations

Because animated explainer videos are highly engaging, it’s a great way to get your message across to employees, new recruits and job seekers.

Trainers and Presenters

Animated explainer videos are perfect for trainers and presenters. Use them whenever you need to explain complex concepts, communicate important points, or liven up a presentation.

By adding an animated explainer video to illustrate what you’re teaching, your presentations will not only be more engaging, but your viewers will be listening, reading, and watching.

With all 3 modalities being used at once, your audience could retain as much as 95% of what they watch.

B2B Sales

So many times people view B2B as mind numbingly dull. How do you get around that? ow can you present information about your company in an appealing way so that people will pay attention?

You give your audience information the way they want to receive it. For instance, senior executives prefer video. According to Forbes, 75% of business stakeholders view videos weekly. More importantly, two-thirds of them click on the marketers landing page after viewing a video.

That’s why using video making software to create a clever animated explainer video is a great way to get the word out about who you are and what you have to offer—while attracting the attention of C-level executives.


Animated explainer videos are becoming more and more popular with nonprofits, especially small to mid-sized ones that are competing for donation dollars against juggernauts like Salvation Army and Red Cross.

Use Toonly animated explainer videos to create a super-compelling story about your mission that tugs at people’s heart strings (and wallets!)—for very little money.

As a nonprofit, you can create animated explainer videos to: 

  • recruit volunteers,
  • explain what your organization does,
  • announce upcoming fundraisers,
  • increase your social media presence,
  • and request donations.

These are just some of the various ways businesses have benefited from using animation video software. Using video making software can help anyone in any profession achieve their goals—because with these video creating software, you’re only limited by your imagination.

How can you use Animated Explainer Videos to find new fans and followers, expand your business’ reach and sell more?

If you love video making software and love the thought of making animated explainer videos but you’re not sure where you can use them, then this part is for you.

Check out some of the creative ways businesses are using video creation software to increase conversions:

Home pages and Landing Pages

Most website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. When they leave a site without engaging with it, the’re said to have “bounced.”

When you place an animated explainer video on your home or landing page, you’ll reduce your bounce rate by average 34%.

Now also because your prospects are more engaged, they’re more likely to check out the rest of your site.

Facebook Adverstising

Want to create a Facebook ad that will stop someone from scrolling and get their attention? An animated explainer video is the perfect solution. That’s why they’re the most popular type of videos used by marketers today.

Social Media Channels

Great videos get a lot of views fast and get shared with little effort on your part. For instance, did you know that videos o Facebook are shared more than 12 times as often as text and links combined? And on Twitter, 700 videos are shared every minute.

That’s why animated explainer videos are so perfect fo social media. With their high entertainment value, they have the potential to go viral quickly.

To take advantage of that, create a super-cool animated video with Create Studio, Toonly, Doodly or Explaindio, then add it to your social media channels to attract more fans, followers, likes and shares.

Video Sales Letters

The old way for companies to make sales videos is PowerPoint slides or “Talking Head” videos. These there is a much better option, animated explainer videos.

Because they combine storytelling, emotion, and engaging characters, these videos grab prospects’ attention and keep it up to the very end, giving marketers time to sell prospects on the benefits of their solution, while countering typical buyer objections.


Every year thousands of projects are added to Kickstarter, making it really difficult for budding entrepreneurs to draw attention to their project. Unfortunately that means less than one third of those looking for funding reach their goals.

But you know what’s been proven to increase funding results? Video. According to Kickstarter, a video improves funding success rates by 50%.

However, you don’t just want to opt for a boring founder video. Oh-no. Instead, you want something that’s interesting, engaging, and shareable—like a clever animated explainer video that people will want to watch (and share).

Product Pages

For products that require complex explanations, animated explainer videos is the answer. These unique, quirky videos are perfect for illustrating the benefits of products in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Not to mention, 60% of prospects say that they’d rather watch a video about a product than read about it. With a conversion rate like that, it’s easy to see how animated explainer videos pay for themselves.

Presentations and training videos

There are a lot of people who just can’t sit through a training or presentation video. And let’s say they do manage to make it all the way through, chances are that they did not give it their full attention.

This is not the case with animated explainer videos because they’re lively, engaging, and enjoyable to watch. They’re great for

  • commanding attention,
  • explaining complex concepts
  • and increasing learning retention.


Animated explainer videos are perfect for email marketing and when you add one to your emails, you just might double your results.

Use an animated explainer video to explain how your product works or to reconnect with old customers. If you want to get really creative, you can even add a “Brand Story” animated video to your email signature.

With the average worker sending 40 business emails a day, you’ll expose countless new potential customers and clients to your brand.

What to use to create Animated Videos

Whether you use Toonly, Doodly, Create Studio or Explaindio, you can create fun videos to keep your audience entertained.

Go through the reviews to decide which one will work best for you.

Now you know why create animated explainer videos

Now that you know why, go ahead and make those animated videos for your blog, brand, business, social media posts and start seeing results.

Don’t forget to share

Now it would not be right if I did not remind you to share this informative post with your friends if you liked it. Thanks for sharing, you’re amazing.

Wishing you all the best in love life, happiness and your business.

Blessings in abundance


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