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Are you looking for a T-Shirt design? You’re in the right place.

Sell your own merch?

Need a T-Shirt Design for your Teespring, Sunfrog, Merch by Amazon, Printful WooCommerce store, your local printing service or wherever you’re selling T-Shirts online?

Not sure where you want to sell T-Shirts? Take a look at this Directory of Print on Demand Sites. You can even see what your T-Shirt design will look like when you click on the Make A T-Shirt Mockup button on that page, then you can put your design on a T-Shirt mockup. (FREE TIP: At the top left of the navigation bar there is a tab that says Freebies, click on it, you’re sure to find a free mockup there to use for your T-Shirts or go to Place it Free Templates)

Want MajestiX Studio to create your T-Shirt design for you? Here is how to order

All you have to do is give us your specifications of what you would like and we’ll design a T-Shirt  for you. Your design will be in a large image with 300dpi to ensure you get the best printing quality.

When you click on the Add To Cart button you’ll be given a link to a Google Form to fill in where we’ll get all the details  from you to know what design you would like.

We’ll ask things like:

  • A wild example of a drawing, but only if you want to or can. This can really only be lines and words and circles to show us where you want what. But this is not mandatory.
  • The words you want on your T-Shirt
  • Description of the images you would like on your T-Shirt Design
  • If you have some images that you want us to draw or use on your design, you can upload them
  • Anything else you would like to mention

After you returned this form, we’ll start working on your design. Since this is a specialized service and drawing and designing takes time, please allow at least 24 hours for us to return with the first concept.

We will send the first draft to you with a watermark over. You can tell us what you would like us to change or if you are happy with the design as it is.

We’ll make the changes until you are happy and then when you are happy, you fill  in the Sign Off form.

When we received the Sign Off form, we’ll send you the design without the watermark.

This will complete the transaction, we’ll mark your order as delivered and only then will your payment be released from PayPal to us.

Any Questions about the T-Shirt Design?

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill in the Contact Form.


Some tips on marketing your new T-Shirt Design

People are visual and that is why Video Marketing is so popular.

You can go to Place It (this link will take you to the free mockups, design templates, etc) and add your T-Shirt Design to some of the models. These you can use in your Ad campaigns and to promote your online T-Shirt store.

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