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Sometimes you don’t know what to give someone special.

If they’ve got a business and they would love to have their logo on a flag or a video ad or even a drawing of their logo created for them, why not give them a gift card from MajestiX Studio.

Surely they will love you for it.

MajestiX Studio Gift Card

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Anniversary gift or whatever occasion you’re looking for a gift for the special person in your life, if they have a business they’ll love a MajestiX Studio gift card. They can choose any of the items, the gift card is not limited to certain items and can even be used on sale items.

Choose the amount

You can choose whether you would like to give the gift card for $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50. If you would like a higher amount, please contact us by sending us an email to Please mention in your title that you would like a higher amount gift card.

Validity Date

The gift card you purchase from MajestiX Studio won’t expire so the person you’re buying it for can use it at any time. But make sure they don’t forget about it.

Pre paid

Your gift card gets paid before it can be redeemed, I think you knew that.

How to redeem

The person you’re buying the gift card for will receive an email with the voucher number. Please make sure you fill in their email address correctly. They must not lose the gift card email because it is generated specifically for them and can’t be used by someone else and can’t be re-generated again either.

Unique Code

Each gift card or voucher has a unique code that’s specific to that voucher.

How many people is the voucher valid for?

The gift card is only valid for the person whose email address is given and only they can redeem it.


Terms and Conditions


    • Please treat this card like cash; if this card is lost or stolen it will not be replaced.
    • Use of this gift card can be redeemed only at MajestiX Studio.
    • Redeemable only for services not exceeding the remaining credit balance on this card.
    • This card is redeemable for MajestiX Studio services only. Redeemable at any MajestiX Studio online.
    • This card is redeemable by the bearer for all services available at MajestiX Studio. It may not be returned or redeemed for cash. Please treat this card like cash; it is not replaceable if lost, stolen or if used without authorization.
    • Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms:
      This card may be applied toward any purchase made at MajetiX It is not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen.

Great choice

We are certain that the person you’re buying the gift card for will love you for it. Be sure to share this product page with your friends who are looking for an exceptional gift too.

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