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Four times in my life I’ve lost someone very, very close to me.

First was my child when she was almost six years old. She was disabled and the doctors said that she would not live past the age of 3, so we were actually very blessed. She died in 2000, which is many years ago but still feels like yesterday when I think back.

Second was my father. He had a stroke and did not live long after that.

The third one was my husband. He died of a heart attack in 2016, which is not long enough to be over it yet.

And two months after my hubby died, my sister died of cancer. Just after they did a biopsy the cancer went crazy, got aggressive and killed her within 2 months.

So believe me when I say I know what you’re going through. I’ve lost one of each, a parent, a child, a spouse and a sibling.

FYI: If you’re struggling, you can download a free ebook here: 40 ways to find comfort after losing someone close to you.

This is also why I will handle the video of your lost one with the greatest respect and love they deserve. Because I know what it feels like to lose someone close to you.

About this Funeral/memorial Video service

I will create a video for you almost like this one below. Obviously the images, background and words will be different according to your specific needs.

How to order your Funeral Video

This is important, please read everything:

When you click on the Buy Now button at the top of this page, you will be taken to PayPal where you will pay the video.

After you paid, you will receive two forms.

The first one is the form where we ask you information about your loved one (name and dates) and where you upload your images.

The basic package is up to 30 photos and if you want extra photos, you’ll have to pay extra.

We also ask you if there are special poems or verses you would like in your video as well as the song. (If you want to start thinking about that so long)

Also we ask if there is a particular font or color you would like. This is not mandatory, it’s just if you want something specific.

As you might realize, we CAN NOT start with your order before we received this back, so please do it as quick as possible. I know it hurts to go through those photographs, but we must do it to move forward.

Ad photos since baby upwards until death so we can cover a broad spectrum.

If you want to add a verse from a specific person next to the photo of that person, like in the video above, you can tell us which photo to add it to and the verse you want to add. There is room for that in the form you’ll receive.

Once we’re done with your video, we’ll send you the first draft with a watermark on. You can check to see if you’re happy with it and if you’re happy you can fill in the sign off form. If you want something changed, we’ll first change it and when you’re happy, you fill in the sign off form. This form is proof to you and us that we did the job, we finished the job and you are happy with your video. This also means that your payment can be released to us and that the transaction is finalized. When we receive this form, we’ll send you the video without the watermark.

You can then copy it to DVD or a memory stick and ask them to play it in church or wherever as a memorial to the person you lost. You can then keep it safe for you to watch in the future if you want to.

My heart goes out to you

In this time of losing someone close to you, my heart goes out to you and I hope that you will find healing soon. I pray that you are comforted and that you get through this difficult time.

Wishing you all the best on your journey forward.

We create baby and wedding photo videos too.

You can use this same order for a baby video or for your wedding video. The form is set up for it. We’ll create a video for you with everything that fits into it. You can just mention in the order form that this is for a baby video or wedding video.

This you can give away as a gift to everyone special to you after you burned them to a DVD or put them on a memory stick. For example giving away a DVD to every guest at your wedding with each of you since birth up until the wedding day will be an amazing treasure for them to keep.

Whether you had your baby’s Christening and you want to put all those photos in one video or you just want to compile your baby pictures in one video with character and showing the love you have for your baby, take a look at the baby photos video we can create for you here at MajestiX Studio.

We don’t just create baby photos videos, we give them life. We care about your baby as much as you do and we’ll do our best to create the video for you that will fit and make you happy.

When you order, it can also be revised until you are happy with it.

We’ll also add your baby’s name and birth date into the video as well as any special messages you would like to put in. When you click on buy now at the top, you’ll receive a form to fill in. In this form we cover the baby/wedding and funeral videos inside the form too, but you only fill in the details according to your needs.

Order your baby photos video today from MajestiX Studio today.

Wishing you all the best in life, love and happiness,

Blessings in abundace

Linda (CEO of MajestiX Studio)

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