If you’re looking for animated video software because you want to create your own animated videos, you can take a look at the tools we use where we share with you what software we are using to create our animated videos.

Sometimes you would rather have someone create your videos for you because you don’t want to go through the learning curve of learning how the things work and that is why we’re here to create your animated videos for you.

Whether you’re looking for whiteboard, chalkboard or glassboard animated video software or for kinetic animations or even videos with avatars, you can visit our tools we use page and find the software that will best suit your needs.

Also you can take a look at VidToon animated video creation software to buy for yourself at a super amazing price and if you consider that you can use it on 10 computers, it’s actually practically free.

We can create animated videos for you too, visit our YouTube channel to see what types of videos we create for you, so if you don’t have time to learn software or are looking for a once off video, MajestiX Studio is the place to go.



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