How To Read From a Script For Video Production

Creating a professional video can truly elevate the marketing campaign of any small business and that is why we’re going to cover how to read from a script for video production in this article.

If your video has high enough production values and the right calls to action, it can be hugely more effective in converting sales than any text or image – and at the same time it will make your business look more resourceful and organized (not just anyone can create a video!).

How to read from script for video production

And the good news? You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg in order to create high quality videos for your business. In fact, all you need is a good idea and the right tools. Thanks to tools like Create Studio and Explaindio, there’s not even any reason to get in front of the camera!

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But even if you choose to go the Excel route, you will still likely find that talking over your video is a necessity in order to ensure it’s engaging and effective. And for some people, the thought of talking over their videos will be just as nerve wracking as being on film. Here are some tips that can help…

Speak Slowly when you read the script for Video Production

Speaking more slowly is the number one tip for most people who start out recording their own videos. Unfortunately, most of us speak far too fast on film and especially if we’re nervous. Even if you think you’re speaking slowly, there’s probably a good chance you aren’t.

Make sure that you practice going slowly. Record yourself and try listening to yourself and in particularly, pause after sentences. Pausing after sentences will help you to prevent filler noises by letting you catch your breath. At the same time, it also allows you to more easily edit the voice you’ve recorded because you’ll have easier and more obvious break points.

This is an interview I had with Emanuela Hall where she shared amazing tips on how to speak.

(Sorry for the video quality… Just before we started the interview my computer crashed and I quickly had to grab my laptop, which is not close to my computer’s hardware). At least Emanuela is nice and clear.

Get your free coaching call with Emanuela here. What does the coaching call entail?

  1. identify your speaking blocks (both physical and mental).
  2. give you 3 action steps you can implement right away.
  3. help you determine if a private speaking program is right for you.

Read Ahead From a Script For Video Production

Reading from a script your eyes should be darting ahead at all times. This means that you should have an idea of what’s ‘coming up’ so that you can avoid any nasty surprises or stumbling over your words.

This takes practice, but so does everything else.

When I read a script from my phone, I use BigVu as a teleprompter on my phone. I like to use my phone in horizontal because it looks better in YouTube. I’ve got a video on my signup page at Course Creation Mastermind that is in vertical and I don’t like it. (If it’s not like that anymore when you read this post, I changed it and forgot to change it in this post ;-D)

Speak as Though You’re Talking when reading a script for video production

This takes practice but know that the ultimate goal is to use the same pitch and tone as though you were talking naturally. Having a script is useful to ensure you say what you want to say, but to the listener it should sound as though you’re talking off the top of your head!

Again, as everything else, this takes practice, just keep going and you’ll get better and better.

Add Music to your video

If your script sounds stilted, try adding some (quiet) music in the background. This can do a great deal to make it sound more professional.

Always remember, you can’t add just any music. All music has copyright on and if you use it, you can get sued. A safe place to find music if you’ve got a YouTube channel is YouTube Studio where you can find music to use.

You can choose between music where you have to add attribution or not.

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