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Would you like to know how you can make money online as a Virtual Assistant? Then this post is for you, but like I mentioned in my post on How to make money online doing voice overs, just like in life outside of the internet, not all jobs are for all people. You would not let a builder work on your car, would you? (Except if it’s your husband and you know he knows something about cars ;-D). IF you go to my About Page, you’ll see that I too tried many things before starting this business and I still do many other things too. That is why I know not everything works for everybody.

But the good news here is there are so many talents, abilities and things you can do under the umbrella of Virtual Assistant, chances are you’ll be able to do it. It’s not like you need special equipment and a great voice like in doing voice overs (and you can do voice overs as a VA too). You can just start with your computer and your internet.

This post is an interview with Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook , so if you’re wondering what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and what a VA does and whether you could make money online as a Virtual Assistant, then read this interview to learn more.

And just in case you’re wondering if you need experience, you can read this post from Gina on How To Become A Virtual Assistant (Even Without Experience)

Interview on how to make money online as a virtual assistant

Excited to learn more? Let’s get started with this interview…

Could you give a little background on yourself and how you got started as a virtual assistant?

 >Hi, I’m Gina [waving]. I started a freelance writing business on the side of my full-time job (in personal finance), in the spring of 2014 to “test the waters” for a potential career change.

At the time, I was (and still am) the sole breadwinner of our little family of four five and my husband was (and still is) a SAHD to our two three kiddos. Our middle child was less than a year old at the time!

That fall, I added in virtual assistant services as a way to stabilize my income, make it more predictable and use some of my other skills to help small business owners. Landing my first VA client is what gave me the confidence to put in my notice and quit my day job. 🙌

I haven’t looked back since!<

What does a VA do?

>A virtual assistant is really just anyone that trades tasks for pay from afar. Or in other words, an individual that offers services virtually as a contractor or self-employed individual to clients.

Services offered can include everything from email management, content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media and more! There are tons of services you can offer as a VA – check out this list of over 150 to learn more! <

Not sure what jobs a VAd does? Here’s a list of 50+ VA services to give you an idea.

How much money can a VA expect to earn when they want to know how to make money online as a Virtual Assistant?

>From the little research that exists, the average North American virtual assistant earns between $25-40 per hour. 

This is going to depend on your experience, skill-set and areas of expertise. I.e. The more specialized your services and the more experience you have, the more you can charge.

I’ve seen people in our community charge as little as $15 per hour and others earn more than $100 per hour (including myself). Ultimately it comes down to being really good at what you do and finding clients that value what you’re offering them.

How quickly you start earning honestly depends on how quickly (and frequently) you start putting yourself out there for hire. Click here for some real-life examples of VAs in our community that have built successful businesses.

In my opinion, contracting and working virtually is the way of the future. 👊

People (clients and virtual assistants alike) crave increased flexibility. And what better way to obtain it than to build a business and/or team virtually?

Clients (typically small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.) aren’t always looking to manage people or take on full-time help. Instead, they’d like to contract out for specific services they need help with. It makes it a win/win for both parties (including a HUGE savings in overhead!). <

Real life examples of Successful VA’s

What kind of person is a good fit for VA work? How to make money online as a Virtual Assistant?

>What I hear from clients over and over is that they’re looking for someone that’s:

  • Communicative
  • Organized
  • A self-starter
  • And reliable

So while they’re looking for people that can provide select services, they’re mainly looking for the above. As long as you’re trainable, you’ve got a shot!

You also need to have a computer (desktop or laptop, doesn’t matter) and reliable internet. Don’t worry about having any fancy programs or applications – most clients will give you access to their cloud-based tools and software programs that you need to complete your work for them.<

All important question, I’m interested, but how does a VA go about getting clients?

>We cover almost a dozen prospecting methods in our VA Foundations course, which is the first step for folks that join our #FullyBookedVA System.

A few of our favorites are:

  1. Using social media
  2. In-person networking
  3. Tapping into your natural market

Methods for finding and attracting high-quality clients haven’t changed much over the last decade, but really understanding what they are, which you’re best suited for and how to go about them in the right way are important. Luckily for our students, prospecting and building effective client relationships are kind of our speciality. 

Beyond that, we actually share a ton of high-quality client leads with our community. In addition to sharing the jobs that small business owners come to us looking to hire for, we regularly round up the best of the best remote and freelancing gigs out there and share them as well. Our goal is to make the marketing part AS EASY AS POSSIBLE and get our students fully booked in no time!<

What is your favorite thing about being a virtual assistant?

>The list is long! 

What ranks at the top of mine is probably:

  1. Flexibility to work from anywhere on my schedule (i.e. you don’t have to keep banker’s hours in most cases when working with clients)
  2. Freedom (that comes with the whole flexibility thing I guess!)
  3. Unlimited income potential (you choose how much to charge and can raise your rates as you gain more experience, look into other ways to make money online, etc.)<

How can someone interested in VA work get started?

>We’d be honored if you’d consider joining our #FullyBookedVA System.

This all-in-one system literally walks members through starting their new business, building a full client roster and scaling their income through specialization. It’s perfect for newbies, but existing VAs have joined and moved their business to the next level as a result too.

Our VA Foundations courses covers everything from:

  • What services to offer and who to offer them to
  • How much to charge and where to find clients
  • How to effectively pitch clients, interview and onboard them
  • All things invoicing and contracts (including templates)
  • Working effectively with clients and efficiently in your business

In addition to that, you also gain access to:

  • VA certification
  • Weekly office hours, access to our team and your peers
  • Proprietary and non-proprietary client leads
  • 5 skills courses to dip your toe into specialization
  • 5 specialization tracks to help you achieve expert stats and command top-tier rates

Plus, much, much more!<

Join the #FullyBookedVA System Today!!

Who is this system for?

>You need to be motivated, disciplined and have a desire to be self-employed.

While the course provides a great framework for you to plug yourself into, there’s still work to be done on your part. If you like to read all of the things, but don’t really enjoy taking action, this system is NOT for you.

Point blank, you’ll get results if you do what we tell you to. But if you think that all it takes to start a new business is spending a little bit of money to become a member (and not doing anything as a result), you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

We do offer a very generous 7-day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you find out right away that the system isn’t the right fit for you, just send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase in full.<

What kind of results can people expect to obtain from your system?

>Most students make their way through the Foundations course material in a month or less.

Many end up getting hired by their first client before they finish. Results will vary based on the time someone has available, the amount of action they take and the skill-set they enter the course with.

Some students have the goal of bringing in a few hundred extra dollars each month, while others want to replace a six-figure salary. We’ve watched numerous students accomplish both goals over the last several years – most land somewhere in between.

My personal favorite is when someone sends me an email or tags me on Facebook that they’ve just quit their soul-sucking job. 🤩<

Here are a few of our successful students:

  1. Rachel
  2. Hailey
  3. Debora

Making money online as a Virtual Assistant testimony
How to make money online as a virtual assistant testimony

Gina, what is your number one piece of advice for someone who wants to break into VA work?

>You’ll never know what you’re capable of if you never try. 

Don’t think about what the worst-case scenario could be – instead think about what’s the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME that can come from trying something new?

Why not YOU, why not NOW?<

Gina’s Bio: 

Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama to three precocious kiddos from Minnesota. Additionally, she’s the founder of several websites, including Gina specializes in helping everyday folks learn hard digital marketing skills to launch their own service-based businesses online, working from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere!). Her background includes making a living as a professional writer, an online business marketing consultant and a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

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If you feel like there are still some questions you would like answered or you’re not sure whether you understand everything on how to make money online as a Virtual Assistant, here are some things you can do:

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  4. Ask in the comments below… If I can’t answer, I’ll ask Gina and get back to you. You can always follow her from Horkey Handbook and ask her there or on social media too 😉

There are more and more people looking for Virtual Assistants, I see them on Facebook regularly, so if you feel this will work for you, jump in and get started today.

Wishing you all the best in life, love, happiness and abundance


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  1. Hi Linda
    This is amazing. I joined the course and will start soon.
    Thank you for this valuable information on starting my own Virtual Assistant businesses.
    I found this just after losing my job due to the current situation in the world.
    I have hope again.
    Many, many thanks

  2. Hi,
    This post changed my life. I came back just to leave this comment.
    I read the post shortly after you posted it, took a chance on Gina’s course and started my own VA business.
    I took it a bit further, I hired VAs who are struggling to find work and now we’re doing VA work in different niches.
    Thank you Linda, this has changed my life.

    1. Hi Andy
      Thank you for finding this post again just to share your story with us.
      I am so glad for you.
      Keep up the good work and blessings in your business.

    2. Hi Andy,
      So glad it made a difference in your life.
      You are a business owner now and will never look back, I’m sure.
      Good luck and wishing you all the best and amazing results in your Virtual Assistant business.

  3. Hi Linda
    Thank you for this post, I love Gina and her energy is so addictive.
    I joined her course and before I knew it, had my first 3 clients… That was a year ago and now I have a thriving VA business.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Linda,
    Just came back to let you now I did the course and started my own VA business.
    The course was amazing and easy to follow. This is not for people who are lazy and just want passive income, but for go getters who wants to start their own business.
    Don’t let fear hold you back, start today.
    Love Mandy

  5. Thank you, this was so helpful.
    I started my own VA business and am successful in getting clients every single day using what I learned from Gina.
    All the best

    1. Hi Danny,
      I’m so glad our advice helped you.
      Wishing you all the best in your Virtual Assistant business.
      Blessings in abundance

  6. Hello Linda,
    Thank you for suggesting this to me. I’m not doing the Virtual Assistant work myself, but did the course and started my own VA business with people working for me using everything Gina taught in her course. And because I do this, I can cover a lot of different niches because every person working for me is great at different things, just to name a few, one is editing websites, one is writing copy, one is creating videos, one is doing the social media posts, and I can go on and on. I have many different VA’s and looking forward to employing more.
    It’s going great and we’re very busy. My business is thriving because of this suggestion.
    Thank you.

  7. Thanks to you and Gina, I am now a successful VA. It’s amazing how much work is out there for VAs.

    1. HI AJ, great to hear.
      It’s true, especially these days people have too much to do in their online business so getting a VA is the best option.
      Blessings in abundance

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