How to make money from home doing voice overs

In today’s post we’re going to look at how you can make money doing voice overs from home.

Some people don’t believe in making money online because they’ve run into one scam after another, but I can tell you if you find a legit job, you can certainly make an income online from home. I’ve been doing it for years now working for Rev. The key is to find a job and not run after some investment or something weird someone suggests.

As with a job where you do work for someone else, you do work from home for someone else. The only difference is you are in control of your hours and you choose whether you work more or less. Obviously the more you work, the more you get paid. The less you work, the less you get paid.

I feel I must also mention here, because there are people landing on this page who for the first time are looking at information about making money online, it is NOT going to be easy. It’s NOT just start out and you immediately start making money doing voice overs. It will take dedication, commitment and willingness to learn a lot, especially if you did not know anything about doing voice overs from home or having your own studio.

Let’s take a look at how to make money from home doing voice overs

To get started you will need some basic equipment such as a computer plus fast internet connection, a microphone, a pop filter, audio software, the most common being Audacity and a very, very quiet place to work. You don’t need a top-of-the-range home recording studio to start.

Like in the question in the image below, have people told you that you have a great voice?

Free course on How to make money from home doing voice overs

If you have a radio type voice, you can work for companies doing voice overs.

BUT if no-one has told you that you have a great voice or you’re not sure if you can do this, why not sign up for Julie’s free voice over course? It’s a great way to learn exactly what and how to make money from home doing voice overs with this free voice over course.

Here is some useful information if you want to know how to make money from home doing voice overs :

Make sure you have a place to record your audio that is free from any distracting sounds. There should not even be birds singing in the background.

The room should not have an echo.

You CAN NOT do voice over jobs using voice over software like Synthesys.

Invest in equipment that will make your voice sound great. Like this USB Condenser IKEDON Microphone kit complete with pop filter, arm stand with shock mount and foam mic windscreen.

The microphone I use is a Blue Yeti, but a cheaper microphone like the one above will work great too.

Something you can consider investing in too is a microphone isolation shield, which reduces echo and sound reflection during the recording. If you use a room full of things and with a carpet in, the chances are that your recording will not echo, so test it firsts.This is what it looks like:

The best free recording program to use is Audacity. It’s amazing and is being used by most people. Adobe also has an amazing recording program called Adobe Audition, but it’s very costly if you consider Audacity is completely free.

I’ve done recordings for you with both programs with my Blue Yeti set to the same settings in both recordings:

Adobe Audition

As you can hear there is almost no difference between the two, so Audacity is still great for doing recordings and since it’s free, it’s the best way to start.

Where to find jobs to make money from home doing voice overs


Please take note that ACX only takes applications from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

ACX is where the audiobooks available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes are created.

They have very strict submission requirements, so be sure to familiarize yourself with those. You can also check whether your recording is according to their standards in the Audiolab.

Are you ready to get heard by the world’s most prestigious casting directors for FREE?  

If you answer yes to that question, sign up at Voquent.

You need to provide accurate information and ensure your audio demos are professionally recorded and edited before starting sign-up.

If you’re not sure, read about how to Get Voquent Ready. After your sign-up, their moderation team will check your information and audio demos, and you’ll be notified by email when your profile is live.

Whether you’re just getting started in the voice over industry – or you’re a pro – connects you with companies and brands looking to hire voice actors for their next project. works on a membership basis where you can start out as a free member or be a premium member for $499 per year.

When you are a free member, you don’t have access to any people who are looking for someone, you’re only able to create your profile and upload your demo. But they have a lot to learn on doing voice overs so definitely worth checking out.

You can also learn a lot about doing Voice Overs from their posts, like their Beginners Guide To Voice Acting.

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices in their own words:

Findaway Voices is an audiobook production service from Findaway built to empower authors and narrators as they perform their crafts and find a global audience. Through our platform, we help authors find the perfect voice for their audiobook, manage projects through production, and bring the finished audiobook to listeners around the world through our extensive distribution network.

Visit Findaway Voices and start narrating audiobooks and the Mastering guide to see if you can work there. Do note, when working for them, you have to use Adobe Audition.


Except for Voice Overs there are other jobs available to artists like video editor, video producer, script writer, animator, etc. Visit Filmless to see what else is available.

To apply for a job, you need the following qualifications:

Qualifications to work at Filmless as Voice Over Artist

  • 5+ years of experience recording voice overs for videos that appeal to wide audiences 
  • Must have a demo reel or portfolio of voice work to demonstrate skills and abilities
  • Must have own home studio or access to a studio
  • Able to perform under tight deadlines 
  • Ability to collaborate with team members and clients
  • Must have experience working with a wide variety of voice over projects

Snap Recordings

Although they don’t have a comprehensive training module or tell you exactly what they want from you, you can sign up here to become a voice talent and then you can take a look at the examples they provide here.


You can also join Voice123 in the following voice over categories:


Find the best cartoon voice over job opportunities


Commercial voice overs just waiting for the right voice


Voice the next blockbuster movie trailer


The best narration jobs are waiting for you


Audition for great radio commercials

Video games

Check out all the video game voice acting jobs

What you need to be a voice actor is a great guide to teach and help you learn more about the industry and starting out.

Voice Archive

If you are interested in applying at Voice Archive you can fill in the form on this page. There you can also find an audition script for you to read if you don’t have anything to provide.

Again, make sure that you have great studio sound and that you are ready to give great voice overs.

Bunny Studio

DON’T apply for Bunny Studio if you are not confident about your work and before you have a professional studio!!

They do NOT allow you to edit your audio files in any way, which means you have to have a professional studio that creates amazing raw files.

You have to use Audacity so make sure you have it, you can download it for free here.

Shortly after you signed up you will receive a script to do. You will upload the audition they give you to Voice Bunny in a raw .wav file format without changing anything. Like no removing background noise.

They say only 2% of the people who apply make it, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t make it. Either work more on your studio to make it more professional or rather just give them a miss.

The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm only takes professionals, so if you’re just starting out, like Voice Bunny, this is not a place to test the waters.

Make sure your home studio, microphone setup and everything is high standard and that your voice overs are exceptional before you apply at The Voice Realm.


When you sign up to be a Freelancer, you create your portfolio and when someone posts a job you can do, you bid on it. There are normally many freelancers bidding for the same job and it will depend on your skills as well as your overall impression that the person who is looking for someone has of you. The bad thing about Freelancer is that more and more people are trying to get jobs there and for the jobs that is quite easy to do (in other words not something like computer programming that only a select few are capable off) there are hundreds of people bidding for the same job as you.

Of course not all of them are good and hopefully the person who created the project will see your potential and hire you.


Fiverr is also a place where freelancers create their profiles. The difference between Fiverr and Freelancer is that you create your profile on Fiverr and then you create your Gigs (what you can do) and the people find you. They can either just order or contact you first to find out if you can do what they are looking for specifically.

I would suggest that if you want to create gigs and start selling on Fiverr that you sign up for Udemy and so some courses. Start with the free ones and learn as much as you can about growing and promoting yourself on Fiverr.

You can also take a look at this Complete Fiverr Course, From Beginner To Top Rated Seller

LibriVox (Free volunteer)

PLEASE NOTE: At LibriVox you don’t get paid, you read books or poems as a free volunteer, but this is a great (safe) place to start to get experience and learn more about doing book narration. This is also a great place to start to see if this voice over business is going to work for you or not.

You can go through all their articles to learn more about voice overs and how to do them successfully. Start with Volunteer for LibriVox.

Your own business

Of course, whether you’re working on any of these platforms or whether you’re going to start your own business with your own website, you must always remember that you’re doing this for yourself. It’s not to mesmerize everybody else with your beautiful voice (although I believe you will) but it’s to build yourself up as someone who does great voice overs with great sound and who can be trusted.

On the topic of websites, although this site and Video Software Reviews are built on WordPress through Namecheap, you can also take a look at XFunnels, which I sometimes use too because it’s so easy to use drag and drop and you build your entire funnel on it. BUT you can’t build a blog on it, that’s why I use WordPress on these sites.

Good luck with building yourself and your brand. Looking forward to hearing your famous voice all over the world.

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