How To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro

Many people’s taste differs so much when it comes to creating videos, social media posts, etc, which makes it difficult to have someone do the things for you, this is why it would be great if you know how to create your own amazing YouTube Gaming Intro.

But this solution is not only for one amazing YouTube gaming intro but I would say for anything you want to create… And this is not just for Gaming, you’ll find something no matter what niche you’re in.

How Would You Like To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro like this one?

Or want the light streak to be a different color? And with the name of your YouTube channel…

And what if I told you that you don’t even have to learn to use the difficult, but amazing Adobe software like Character, Animate and After Effects to create your own amazing YouTube gaming intro.

All you need is…. Drumroll please….. Place It.

What is Place It?

Place It is an amazing place where you can do anything. Basically Place It is a place where you can create mockups, logos, animated logos, videos & designs in seconds! Create great looking posts for your social media.

And have a video that you need to crop? Use the Free online cropper to quickly and easily optimize your videos. Resize MP4 or MOV videos for free with this video cropper tool. All you have to do is upload your file, choose and size from the dropdown menu according to what you need it for, eg. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Or enter custom dimensions. That’s it, after you signed up, you can download your new video format.

Except for Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro, Create something amazing

So, besides just knowing How To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro like the one above, you have endless power with Place It right there on your computer.

And why not use the YouTube Thumbnail maker (here are some free templates) to make an amazing thumbnail to fit with your amazing YouTube video.

Pricing… How much would it cost To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro

Oh yeah, everything comes with a price, especially if it’s good, but Place It is not expensive at all. You can get a monthly and Yearly plan. I don’t like mentioning prices as you can see in all my posts just because things change and because I’ve got the yearly plan, I won’t know if they put it up monthly. And then there are specials, so that might alter the price too. But just for you, I’ll mention the price here.

At this stage, the pricing looks as follow:

Place it Pricing

But if you don’t want to commit and buy each item as you go, you can do that too. The prices differ according to what you use.

And then there are some great free templates for you to use, click here to see them. There are hundreds of free templates to choose from in anything you can think off. Go check it out.

Share it

I’ll bet you think I’m going to say share this post on How To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro, but what I actually want to say is how about you create something in Place It and Share It below in the comments.

Or if you added it to your YouTube channel, share your link to your channel. I believe if you have one link in, your comment will not be thrown out as spam.

Have a business?

According to the Place It license, you are allowed to create something for a client and sell it for a fee.

How To Create Your Own Amazing YouTube Gaming Intro

Have fun

I love Place It and it feels like you have superpowers when you create things there because it seems like there is nothing you can’t do. Use it to create all your social media posts quickly and easily.

Wishing you all the best in life, love and happiness,

Blessings in abundance


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