How to become an instructor and make money selling your courses

Sell your courses online to make money

Like I’ve mentioned in my post about Doing Voice Overs to Make Money Online, not all ways of making money online works for everybody. It’s just like in the “Real World” where for instance when you don’t know anything about electricity, I wouldn’t suggest you do electrical work. It could cost you your life. I wouldn’t let a builder work on my car. The same online. Do a deep dive into what you can do. What you’re interested in. Don’t just grab anything because you’re desperate and want to make money.

In the online world you also need one thing extra when starting a business or making money online, and that is DETERMINATION. If you don’t have that, stop now, you’re never going to make money online. Sorry, but that’s just the truth.

Another is to put helping people or the interests of others before making money. Don’t go in with a selfish, all about me and just me attitude. That will not get you far in making money online. And especially when you’re thinking about creating online courses. Stop… Think… Are you going to just do it to make money or are you really doing it to help people? When your heart is to help people and the money coming with it is just a bonus, then chances are great that you’ll be successful.

But the good news is that if you use what you can learn (from other people’s courses) and are determined to make a success, you can make it big time.

Learn more about How to become an instructor and make money selling your courses by reading further.

Here's how you can sell your courses online

Warning about becoming an instructor and make money selling your courses

I love the way Danny Iny says in his Course Builders Bootcamp that when you create a course, you should realize that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Although selling courses online can be very lucrative, you have to realize that for about the next six months you might not make any money with your course yet.

Please keep this in mind and don’t quit your day job when you start creating courses. Although you can make a lot of money on your amazing course, you have to follow a certain path to get to that point. It’s going to take hard work, dedication and pushing through.

You don’t just create a course and put it online and the next morning money starts pouring in. Even before you create your course, you have to do research. You have to find out if your course will sell before you create it. You actually have to find your audience even before you create your course and learn from them what they need. Don’t just create a course on what you think people want.

My best advice is to buy a course on creating courses like the Online Course Instructional Design course from Kim

create an online course that sells

What do I create a course on?

What are you great at?

Are you the next Picasso and would love to teach people how to paint? Or how about teaching people how to draw characters that looks realistic with Clip Studio Paint?

What about cake decorating or amazing make up skills that you want to teach other women?

Or are you great at English and have a great way to teach people how to know which witch is wich. Or not to mention how many people are using your instead of you’re in sentences.

Or are you great at math and want to teach a certain grade math?

Whatever you’re good at and you would love to teach other people how to do it.

The sky’s the limit along with your imagination.

Here are just a few more ideas:

  • Accounting
  • Addiction
  • Advertising
  • Anger Management
  • App Development
  • Art or drawing
  • Blogging
  • Body Language
  • Boundaries
  • Branding
  • Budgeting
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Leadership
  • Etiquette
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Exercise Programs
  • Goal Setting
  • Package Design
  • Parenting
  • Photography
  • Presentation Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Referral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Retirement
  • Cyber Security
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Decision Making
  • Learning Styles
  • EFT
  • NLP
  • Meditation
  • Law of Attraction
  • Breaking through
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Writing Books
  • Writing Posts
  • Copy Writing
  • Nutrition
  • Cooking
  • Mental health
  • Mentoring Skills
  • These are just a few ideas, there are more and more and more….

Creating courses that sell

Don’t just upload any course because you have a place and an opportunity to do so.

Do your homework. It does not help you create a course in “How to befriend a Martian” and no one will buy it because they don’t have contact with any martians.

Again, sign up for Kim’s course, Online Course Instructional Design as mentioned above. You need your foundation to be right. You need to create courses people will buy and not just courses for the sake of creating them.

You can also take a look at my Launch Your Online Course, which is like a mini self help course to get you started.

Does Courses Really Sell?

If you create amazing courses you will reach a point where you don’t even have to promote your courses any more. People will talk and tell each other about your courses, but for you to reach that point, you have to create an amazing course first.

Pricing your course correctly is also very important. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t be ridiculous either.

Where to sign up to become an instructor

I am providing you with a platform where everything is set up already.

Take a look at the video below on how you apply and upload your course to the platform I provide for you at MajestiX Studio Academy.

Inside this interface you also have the ability to email your students.

They can also share an affiliate link and receive compensation for promoting your course.

All this is already built in and the best of all is you don’t pay any monthly fees. What is great about this is that you don’t have to pay $39 after a month’s trial and you’re still not selling any courses. You don’t sell, you don’t pay.

When you start selling your course, we take 40% of your course price, so just add that to your price to get what you would like to earn per course. Surely you understand there were costs to build this site and there are admin fees, payment processing fees, hosting, SSL certificates, etc. that’s associated with providing you this platform, so 40% is reasonable.

To learn more, visit the How to become an Instructor Page.

FYI: I mention in the video about the broken images, it is fixed.

How do MajestiX Studio Academy make money?

As mentioned above, creating and sustaining a platform like the one we provide for you at MajestiX Studio Academy costs money. So how will we get our money for hosting your course on our platform? And not to mention providing that you can send out emails and have affiliates. And where you don’t even have to worry about any technicalities of building a site.

Like I explain in the video, we’ll only take 40% off your course when you start selling your course, so it’s as easy as adding the 40% to your course.

It will automatically be deducted already when you do your withdraw, so you don’t have to worry about owing us anything.

This is fair seeing that we provide a ready built platform where you integrate your own social media, build an email list and send out emails as well as affiliate links. For all this, we don’t charge you monthly fees and we don’t put your course on special for you, you are in complete control of your own courses.

And the best of all, you can upload as many courses onto your academy as you wish.

How do I withdraw my money?

When you sold courses, you want to know how you can withdraw your money,

This is also explained in the video, but all you have to do click on Withdraw and choose your favorite payment gateway.

Withdraw your money when you sell online courses
How to sell your online courses and make money

There is no minimum amount, although I would suggest keeping the money in there just in case (and I hope your quality is such that this does not happen) someone asks for their money back.

You’re obvioulsy going to have a money back guarantee just in case your course is not a good fit for someone who bought it, right?

Can I create a course on anything?

Sadly there are some topics that creating courses on those will be bad, not only for us but for you too.

That is why on this page on How to Become An Instructor you will find everything you need to know about the courses that we will remove, that are not allowed.

How do I upload my course?

Again, this is shown in the video above step by step and is super easy. But I also do realize that not everybody wants to watch videos.

If you did not watch the video and rather want a written version, you can go to the MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso course upload document.

I don’t want to be on camera, what can I do?

Honestly, I want to tell you here that people will trust you more when they can see you or get to know you, but if you seriously don’t want to be on camera, take a look at our page on Tools We Use. You don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to. There are lots of video creation software available for you to use.

There you will also learn about great video editing software as well.

2 Free guides on Course Creation

With the following 2 free guides:

  • 20 (plus 10) Tools for Course Creation
  • 5 Minute Guide to Course Creation

You can start off knowing a bit more than you do now. Get your two free guides here.

Platforms to host your course?

Here is a list of platforms you can host your course:


Thinkific has been around for many years and if you feel that you would rather go with them, please remember there is a free trial and thereafter you’re going to pay monthly fees whether your course sells or not.

They have amazing support and share lots of advice for you to help you be successful in selling your course.

You can also take a look at this course, Teach Your Concepts with Thinkific.


Teachable has been around even longer than Thinkific and they also share lots of information on how to be successful. There you also pay a monthly fee as well as a percentage for payment fees, depending on the package you choose

MajestiX Studio AcademyZPresso

This is the platform I provide for you as mentioned above. You don’t pay any monthly fees and only pay 40% or each sold course.


Courserious is something completely different from the ones above. Basically you pay a one time fee and you can upload your courses and sell them. You don’t pay any further monthly fees and you don’t share commissions. You also get 100 pre-made courses, which are only eBooks.

You can take a look at what a Courserious site looks like and the pre-made courses here on my Courserious MajestiX Academy. Only thing wrong, where are the sharing buttons? No way to add them.

Want to talk to me?

Book a 30 minute call below and we can discuss your course ideas and see where I can help you move forward in your course creation. (Or maybe any other questions you have about making money online)

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