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Who and What is MajestiX Studio?

Hi, I’m Linda, and I want to welcome you to MajestiX Studio, the new video creation company that will create your videos according to your choice and taste for a super-cool, personalized experience.

Although MajestiX Studio is new, I’ve been working online since 2012.

This is what I look like (maybe just a day or two younger ;-D):

Linda Owner of MajestiX Studio

About me

If you’re interested to learn more about me, here is some more info on me. I’ve been working online since 2012 and have done everything from

  • dropshipping (did not work for me, but that is because I did not like not seeing the stock before it went to a customer)
  • to print on demand store,
  • to review site,
  • to transcriptions (on Freelancer and other sites),
  • to voice overs,
  • to working on Fiverr (my gigs are paused right now – too busy for that),
  • to providing a platform for you to sell your courses — more on this below under MajestiX Academy
  • I did Course Creation Coaching (join my group on Facebook) and my find my Course Creation Mastermind website
  • And after I worked with an amazing coach, Viviana (Effortless Enchanting Selling) I learned that I was running away from my true calling after my hubby died, which is life coaching and helping people. You can learn more about that at MajestiX Academy.
  • …I’ve had some sites that did not work out for me, cost more money than they brought in, so I let them go, like All About Life Tips and Success Online Site. (So if you come across links from those, that is why they are not working.)
  • I’ve also been creating sites on WordPress since 2012.

And I keep coming back to Video and creating videos because that is what I love. So, again, although MajestiX Studio is new to the internet, I’m not.

Something about me on a personal level, I’m a makeup and coffee addict. I found out I’m a makeup addict when I joined Pinterest. If you look at my Pinterest boards, I’m sure the makeup ones exceeds the other boards by far.

About MajestiX Studio’s service

With the video we create for you at MajestiX Studio, you can lead viewers through a funnel, hyper-targeting them with your message … So you get way more clicks, likes, shares, and of course, sales!!

In fact, videos have been shown to be 3 times more engaging, while doubling conversion rates. Videos draw attention!! That’s it.

They’ve also been shown to have click-thru rates as high as 20%, compared with a measly 1-2% for traditional images … and viewers love videos, watching them 47% longer and sharing them way more often on social.

Best of all, studies show that viewers have a 9X higher purchase intent after watching a video. Can you imagine people buying what you’re selling … 900% more often?

Talk about the possibilities! Speaking of which, there are countless different ways you can improve your video marketing using MajestiX Studio.

For instance, say you’re in the supplement business. You could ask viewers a series of questions in your video and suggest the perfect supplement to address their health concerns.

Want to learn more about how you can make your video marketing work for you? Get your Advanced Video Marketing Free Report here.

Or, you could create product tutorials, kind of like our t-shirt video, where viewers can see how your t-shirt design looks on a real person. That will let them see how amazing your designs actually are..

The video above was created with models from PlaceIt and with Avatar Builder

We can create one like this for you with your logo. See prices below.

(If you would like to start your own Video Creation Company or want to do your own videos, the above video was created with Viddyoze.)

Or how about a videos like the ones below that shows your customers what your business is all about. The videos below were created with Create Studio. The more you get to know me, the more you will know that Create Studio is my favorite.

You could even create storylines about your customers, how your product or service changed their lives … of course, prominently featuring your brand and logo in the story..

Videos are also great for training and education. You can teach a subject in a fun way to keep students watching. Or how about writing a story and letting it play out in a video?

As you can see, videos bring boring images to life … allowing you to customize, engage, teach, and sell like no other kind of media.

But, as exciting as all that is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what MajestiX Studio can do!

Take a look at the image from Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/images/id-5330787/) where we made the scale move as well as add the logo of the guys we created a video for:

MajestiX Studio also offers dozens of incredibly powerful lead generation and conversion tools and images for online marketers.

These powerful lead generation and conversion tools let us optimize your video with the viewing experience, so you can increase play rates, engagement, interactions, and conversions.

Another cool thing you can do with the videos we create for you at MajestiX Studio is use it on all social media to grow your brand awareness and become famous on the internet. Then, use your videos on your website and sign up forms to add them to your email list for future lead nurturing.

We work on your video until you are happy with it.

Because we know how to create your video, we have the experience, software and equipment we will save you time to do it yourself and we want you to be happy, that is why we will work on your video until you are happy with it. We’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours over the past few years on training and software to be able to deliver the best service possible. We also use some packages where we pay monthly fees.

As we work together and do more and more videos together, we’ll create even better videos that are much more effective.

For instance, use your videos to draw in clients like magnets and individually targeting your specific market. Then show those same individual re-targeting ads to make the sale. Use your Facebook ads to check stats to see what percentage of page visitors click play, how much of the video they’re viewing, and which ways they’re interacting with your video. Use those insights to determine what videos are having the greatest impact, so you can promote them more heavily.

You can insert engaging graphs about your product or solution inside your video.

The graphs will give your customers a comprehensive view of your product, so you can brag about how amazing it is while they enjoy your engaging video.

As you can see, MajestiX Studio helps you create the smartest, highest-converting videos around by:

… hyper-targeting viewers with video funnels,

… making videos way more fun to watch,

… liking and sharing more of your content,

… helping you generate fresh leads and customers,

… increasing video views, shares, engagement, and conversions,

So, if you’re ready to make your video marketing exponentially more effective, video page to learn more about the videos we create for you.

With MajestiX Studio’s awesome videos, attention drawing animations, amazing mockups, and logo animations, you’ll be wondering why you’ve been doing things the hard way for so long.


Logo – $10

Your logo on a flag (video) – $10

Hand drawing of your logo – $20

Mockup Images – $20 (includes design, for instance, on the chip packet)

T-Shirt Mockup images – $10 (You send the design, we put it on the model)

Intro and outro – $30

Videos: $200 80.00 per minute (That = $3.333 1.333 per second.) = except if it’s on special… Click here for more info on video pricing.

Why so cheap? We don’t want to get rich off of you, we want to help you, but also cover our cost and time so we sliced our prices to the bare minimum.

Have you seen the scroll stopper videos? Take a look at the video below and if you want one, click on Scroll Stopper Ad to order yours today. (The scroll stopper below was created with again, my favorite of all video creation software Create Studio and the Dancing Guy is from Unimation Media)

Want to create your videos yourself?

I get it. Sometimes you would just like to create your own videos because you know what you want and it’s just so much easier than paying someone else to do it for you.

Although I’ve mentioned some of them above to make it easier for you, you can visit our Tools We Use page where you can see more on Video Creation Software we use to create videos.

How ordering from MajestiX Studio works

When you go to our shop under videos, mockups, logos, etc, you will get an Add To Cart button.

Choose the service you would like and click on the Add To Cart button. Then go to your cart to do checkout. Don’t worry, your money stays in PayPal until you signed the form to confirm that you are happy with what you received.

When you did your payment, you will receive a form to fill in that will have the relevant information on so that we know what to create for you.

After you returned that form, we will start working on your order and we will send you a first draft. This first draft will have a watermark over, but you can tell us what you would like to change.

We will send you the changed video and this will continue until you say you are happy with your video. When you say you are happy, we will send you a form where you sign off on your order and say that you are happy. Then we will send you the video without the watermark and your money will be released to us through PayPal.

All very safe.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy with your video MajestiX Studio created for you, you'll get your money back.
Your payment will not be released until you signed off the form to say that you are happy, so we guarantee that you will receive your money back if you are not 100% satisfied.

On behalf of the entire MajestiX Studio team, I want to welcome you to the absolute best Video Creation Service you’ll find anywhere.

About MajestiX Academy

Since I’ve obtained a platform for you to easily upload and sell your courses online, I’ve decided since I have so much knowledge around creating and selling courses that I’ll be your Course Coach too. I’m providing a platform for you at MajestiX Studio Academy where you can sell your courses at no monthly fees. You only start paying when your course starts selling.

Something to keep in mind is you don’t just slap a course together, upload it and wait for the sales to come rolling in. There is so much more to it and that is why having a coach is helpful.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can create courses sharing your knowledge and skills to make passive income? Take a look at my Launch your online course course with lots of helpful info to get you started.

Want a free course on building your own course? Get the 5 Day Course Creation Workshop for Free when you click here to sign up.

Visit our Courses page to see all the amazing courses we have available for you.

Want to book a free call?

If you would like to ask me anything about making money online, creating your video for you or about creating a course, feel free to book a free 30 minute call. This call will be over Zoom.

Interested? Check available times and Book here.

Want to know what Tools We Use?

Visit our Tools We Use page to learn more about what we use to create videos, logos, mockups, etc. if you would rather try to do it yourself.

Looking forward to creating your successful videos for you, helping you succeed or helping you sell your online courses.

Wishing you all the best in life, love, happiness and success.

Blessings in abundance


(Founder of MajestiX Studio)

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